• Just like us

      The hotel is like its owners. Unconventional, though friendly and harmonious. Hoteliers wearing jeans, a breath of urbanity at 1,304 m above sea level. In the daytime Sabine and Alexander always find time for brief conversations with their guests. And, if necessary, Alex himself will take you to the slopes. Or to the cableway.

      Sabine und Alexander have spent their whole lives working in the hospitality industry. They know how it works and do many things differently. The result is an unusual hotel, an informal atmosphere and an unforgettable holiday on the Arlberg, where nature and modernity co-exist in perfect harmony.

    • Anticipating your desires...

      The team aims to fulfil wishes even before guests put them in words. Fruit seems to be uncannily at hand just a moment before you realise you’d like some. If you find yourself wondering how you should get to the cableway, you’re probably already standing opposite the hotel’s driver.

      He’ll take you to the village centre, to the piste or to the cableway. And he’ll also pick you up on your way back. Need to get on the Internet? Your room already has a LAN cable. Just boot up your laptop and you’ll get the message: Wireless networks found. If your muscles start to ache from skiing, you’ll easily discover when the masseurs are about. They’re frequently in the hotel. Feels good. Breakfast. The buffet is copious but if you should find something missing, simply tell us. Though usually that’s not necessary.

    • Better to live unusually

      Money can’t buy you courage. Fairfaced concrete is grey and rough. Lots of glass easily starts to appear cold and sterile. Loud colours are either fun or make you feel nervous. You really have to know exactly what you’re doing before you start to play around with these ingredients.

      Architect Georg Driendl knows his trade. And he was quite aware of the debt he owed to the trust his customers had placed in him. A solution combining cosiness and warmth with coolness and a little tongue in cheek here, there and everywhere. A sliding door here, a dividing wall there. The only lift in the region to be decorated on the top. Interesting. Mr. Driendl’s fertile imagination can also be seen here and also over there.