• An even lovelier place to stay

    Concrete, glass and steel are cool elements. Lots of light and luscious colours infuse them with warmth. That’s not a contradiction. It’s all part of the plan.

    A relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. A place where personal service and quality right down to the last detail do not contrast with each other. On the contrary: no-one puts on an act here. Everyone’s friendly. Humour and kindness are not a front.

    The rooms are different. But then you’re on holiday, after all. The hotel is straightforward. That’s how you can be, too, over here, where your hosts and the staff genuinely like their guests, where the man in charge likes a good laugh and where children are the cook’s friends.

    Welcome to Hotel Lux Alpinae. To a holiday with style. If you know what we mean.