• An even lovelier place to stay

      Concrete, glass and steel are cool elements. Lots of light and luscious colours infuse them with warmth. That’s not a contradiction. It’s all part of the plan.

      A relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. A place where personal service and quality right down to the last detail do not contrast with each other. On the contrary: no-one puts on an act here. Everyone’s friendly. Humour and kindness are not a front.

      The rooms are different. But then you’re on holiday, after all. The hotel is straightforward. That’s how you can be, too, over here, where your hosts and the staff genuinely like their guests, where the man in charge likes a good laugh and where children are the cook’s friends.

      Welcome to Hotel Lux Alpinae. To a holiday with style. If you know what we mean.

    • The rooms

      Four walls, bold colours. Wood. Loads of light shining through a wall made entirely of glass. Unusual. Outside you can see the Rendelalm. But the people there can’t look in at you. The bathroom cube is in your room and made of glass. Blinds shut off the view of the outside while casting stripes on the walls inside. Amusing.

      With LAN and wireless Internet access. A digital screen into the quiet night. Smooth concrete to the left, light to the right, fairly rough wood above you and glass behind you. A wonderfully comfortable feeling when you lie down – with your choice of cushion.

      Everything you need. Anything you want.

    • Just as you like.

      After a day out skiing on the slopes relax in the sauna. Or would you prefer the steam bath? Just as you like!

      Hours at the bar pass by more quickly than anywhere else in the Lux Alpinae. Your car is parked securely in the warm indoor car park. The glass lift offers interesting views – of the mountain world and the lobby. And of the people in the lobby. Reading, sitting down, chatting with each other.

      Anything else? Ah yes: our masseur pays a visit to our hotel on a regular basis. And those in search of an excellent night’s sleep have a choice of a herbal, relaxation or energetic pillow.

    • Working toward a future worth living. It’s important for us!

      Travel by Train:

      3% Discount on listed price. On departure: For everyone. Arriving by train. Leave the car at home. Its’s better. For the environment. And. More relaxing for you. No traffic jams. No stress. The Lux - Shuttle will pick you up. From the St. Anton railway station.

      Ev-charging station

      New. In the Lux Garage. The Ev-charging station. For the environmentally conscious car driver.

      Green electricity St. Anton

      3 Hydroelectric Plants. 1 Highly efficient power supply system. Environmentally-friendly, renewable energy. For St. Anton. For our guests. For the environment.

      Stop the water while using me.

      Shampoo. Shower gel. Soap. For our guests. From the “Stop the water while using me” series. Water. The basis of life. We all need it. Every day. But. It’s wasted. They are trying to encourage people. To save water. Right there. Where it is wasted. Oh yes. Another thing. Nor artificial colorings or aromas. Natural oils. Care products without silicon. No parrafin or other petroleum based ingredients. Tested on animals? No thank you!

      Lux Indulgence

      Austrian products. For the most part. And. Organic products from local sources. Are used. In the Lux –kitchen.

      Organic beer.

      Increasingly to be found in the wine list.

      Organic Lemonade: We have that too.

      Conversations for Change:

      We are proud. To be supporting members of “Conversations for change” One conference. St. Anton. An idea. Let’s try to make the world a better place. Everyone. Can contribute. How? Changing daily habits. Take responsibility for global changes.


    • Gestaltung einer Lebenswerten Zukunft. Liegt uns am Herzen!

      Travel by Train:

      3% Rabatt auf Listenpreis. Bei Abreise. Für Jeden. Der mit dem Zug anreist. Auto zuhause lassen. Besser. Für die Umwelt und so. Gemütlicher für Sie. Kein Stau. Kein Stress. Der Lux –Shuttle holt Sie ab. Vom Bahnhof St. Anton.


      Neu. In der Lux-Garage. Die E-Tankstelle. Für Umweltbewusste Autofahrer.

      Öko-Strom-St. Anton:

      3 Wasserkraftwerke. 5 Maschinensätze. 1 Leistungsstarkes Stromnetz. Umweltfreundliche und Erneuerbare Energie. Für St. Anton.

      Stop das Wasser. Während du mich verwendest:

      Von der Serie „Stop the water while using me“. Wasser. Grundlage des Lebens. Wir alle brauchen es. Jeden Tag. Aber. Es wird verschwendet. Sie versuchen Menschen zu ermutigen. Wasser zu sparen. Genau dort. Wo es verschwendet wird. Ach so. Noch was. Synthetische Farbstoffe & Aromen werden weggelassen. Natürliche, ätherische Öle. Pflegeserie enthält kein Silizium. Paraffin oder andere Erdölbasis Rohstoffe. Tierversuche? Nein.

      Lux Genuss:

      Österreichische Produkte. Größtenteils. Auch Bio-Produkte von heimischen Betrieben. Werden verwendet. In der Lux-Küche.

      Bio Bier:

      Gibt es an der Lux-Bar. Stiegl-Parcelsus Zwickl. Naturbelassene Salzburger Bierspezialität. Gebraut mit österreichischen Rohstoffen. Kontrollierter biologischer Anbau. Ungefiltert. Naturtrüb. Bio Weine. Schleichen sich immer mehr in die Lux-Weinkarte.

      Bio Limonaden: Haben wir auch.

      Conversation for Change:

      Wir sind Stolz. Unterstützendes Mitglied von „Conversation for Change“ zu sein. Eine Konferenz. St. Anton. Der Gedanke. Versuchen die Welt zum Besseren zu machen. Jeder. Kann dazu beitragen. Wie? Tägliche Gewohnheiten ändern. Verantwortung für den globalen Wandel übernehmen.


    • Hotel Lux Alpinae ****

      Alexander und Sabine Kertess
      Arlbergstraße 41, 6580 St.Anton am Arlberg

      Number of rooms: 26
      Room amenities: satellite TV, internet, balcony
      Restaurant seats: 65
      Equipment: sauna, steam bath, relaxation room,
      Garage: 15 parking spaces
      Distance to center: 1km (0,6 miles)

      Distance to next ski lift: 700m (0,4 miles)
      by Shuttle: 1 min.
      by foot: 10 min.